6 May 2024 By Jonathan

Unlocking Secrets: 10 Ingenious Techniques to Open a Locked Door Without a Locksmith’s Help

Have you ever found yourself stuck outside your home with the door locked? Don’t panic, we’ve rounded up 10 different ways to open a locked door without needing to call a locksmith. However, before trying these techniques, make sure it is legal in your area and take into account possible property damage.

1. Use a bank card

This method works best on doors equipped with an angled deadbolt. Slide the card between the frame and the door near the latch and move up and down while pushing the door lightly to unlock the mechanism.

2. Open with a screwdriver

A flathead screwdriver can be used as a lever to unlock some simple locks. Insert it into the gap between the frame and the door near the latch, then apply inward pressure to disengage the mechanism.

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Warning :

This technique can damage the paint around the door frame as well as the door itself if forced too forcefully.

3. The bumping technique

This method involves inserting a special key (bumping key) into the lock and giving it a sharp blow with a hammer. The impact releases the pins, allowing the door to be opened.

Warning :

Bumping can damage the locking mechanism and require replacement of the lock after use.

4. Use knitting needles or paper clips

For simple locks, you can try using two long, thin objects (like knitting needles or unfolded paper clips) to push the pins of the locking mechanism upward while simultaneously turning the tool like a key.

5. The lock picking method

This technique involves using a specialized tool called a “lifter” to individually manipulate each pin of the locking mechanism until it is aligned correctly to allow opening. This method requires patience and skill.

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Warning :

Using a lifter without authorization is illegal in some areas. Check local laws before using this technique.

6. Open a door with a knife

If your door has a simple lock, you can try using the thin blade of a knife to unlock the mechanism by inserting it between the frame and the door near the latch.

Warning :

Levering a knife can damage the blade or cause injury if it slips. Take all necessary precautions.

7. Use a wire

For doors with a button latch, you can try making a hook out of a piece of wire to pull the latch inward over the door or through a slot.

8. The pick gun technique

A “pick gun” is a specialized tool that uses a series of rapid impacts to align the pins of a lock and allow it to be opened. This method also requires patience and skill.

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Warning :

Using a pick gun without permission is illegal in some areas. Check local laws before using this technique.

9. Disassemble the handle

In some cases, it may be possible to disassemble the door handle by removing the screws that hold it in place, then removing the internal mechanism to access the deadbolt and unlock the door.

Warning :

This method can result in property damage if not done correctly and will likely require replacement of the handle.

10. Call a professional locksmith

If you are unable to open your door with the previous methods, it is best to call a professional locksmith to avoid further damage to your door and ensure a quick and efficient response.

Safety tips :

  • Always check that you have your keys before leaving your home.
  • Keep a spare key with a neighbor or relative you trust.
  • Install a digital or connected lock so you can unlock your door with a code or mobile app if you forget your keys.

To conclude, these different methods can help you unlock a locked door without the help of a locksmith. However, consider possible property damage and check the legality of these actions in your area before trying any of these techniques.