6 May 2024 By Jonathan

Revitalizing Your Seats with Art: A Blend of Mastery and Zeal for Restoration

For 30 years, ART has stood out for its know-how and passion for renovating seats covered in textile or leather. Thanks to our expertise, we bring your sofas and armchairs back to life by giving them a second wind. To share our knowledge with you, we have created guides on the renovation and maintenance of leather and textile sofas and armchairs. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to remove pen from leather or maintain your furniture like a professional.

A company specializing in seat renovation for 30 years

At ART, we are proud to put our experience at the service of your needs. For three decades, our company has specialized in the restoration of seats covered in textile or leather, demonstrating ever-renewed standards to offer you the best possible result.

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Our qualified craftsmen have perfect mastery of traditional techniques as well as technological innovations to guarantee careful and durable work. Whether it is a simple maintenance or a more complex repair, each intervention is carried out with care so that your furniture regains all its splendor.

Passion at the heart of our profession

The love of a job well done drives each member of our team. We believe that every piece of furniture has a story to tell and deserves to be preserved with care. This is why we do everything we can to bring your sofas and armchairs back to life, whether old or contemporary.

Our craftsmen are trained in the most advanced techniques and have unique know-how in the renovation of seats covered in textile or leather. Their passion is reflected in each project carried out, guaranteeing a result that meets your expectations.

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Guides to help you maintain your furniture

Because we want to share our expertise with you, we have developed guides dedicated to the renovation and maintenance of leather and textile sofas and armchairs. These valuable resources will help you learn how to best maintain your furniture to extend its lifespan.

Find out in particular how to remove pen from leather thanks to our expert advice, as well as tips for preserving the shine of your tapestry without risking damaging it. Thanks to our comprehensive guides, take care of your seats like a professional!

A call to action: discover our guides now!

Don’t wait any longer to benefit from expert advice on the maintenance and renovation of leather or textile sofas and armchairs! Consult our guides now to learn how to remove pen from leather, maintain your furniture and much more.

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Treat yourself to the services of a company passionate about its profession and keen to share its know-how with you. Trust ART to bring your seats back to life and extend their lifespan through appropriate maintenance. Contact us now to discover all of our services or obtain more information about our guides.