6 May 2024 By Jonathan

Revamping Spaces with As de Carreaux: The Go-To Online Destination for Faux Cement Wall Tiles

The comeback of cement tiles in interior decoration

Long considered obsolete, cement tiles have made a notable return to the forefront of the decoration scene in recent years. Their unique aesthetic and old-world charm are once again attracting interior design enthusiasts. At As de Carreaux, we have seized this trend and offer you a wide range of imitation cement tile wall tiles to dress your kitchens and bathrooms with elegance.

Modern and varied designs for all types of interiors

In order to adapt this classic style to contemporary tastes, our designers have revisited traditional cement tile patterns to create collections with clean, graphic lines. At As de Carreaux you will find perfect imitations that will fit harmoniously into all types of interiors, whether rustic, industrial or resolutely modern.

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Diversity of available formats

To meet all your creative desires, our range is available in several formats:

  • Beveled: add relief to your walls with these tiles with chamfered edges.
  • Rectangular: ideal for creating perspective effects and visually enlarging the space.
  • Squares: the classic format that suits all styles of decoration.
  • Hexagonal: play with geometric shapes for an original and dynamic look.
  • Octagons: give character to your walls thanks to these tiles with marked angles.
  • Diamonds: create graphic patterns by alternating different colors or textures.
  • Scales: bring a touch of exoticism and softness with these tiles inspired by fish scales.

Filter by availability and price

To facilitate your search, we have set up a filter system allowing you to sort our products according to their availability and price. This way, you can easily identify the models corresponding to your criteria while respecting your budget. Our online store is regularly updated to offer you even more choice and inspiration in carrying out your decorative projects.

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Easy maintenance of imitation cement tiles

One of the main advantages of imitation cement tiles is their ease of maintenance. Unlike real cement tiles which require specific treatment, our imitations are designed to withstand time without any particular effort. A simple regular cleaning with soapy water is enough to preserve their shine and beauty. In addition, they are resistant to humidity, making them ideal coverings for kitchens and bathrooms.

A convenient home delivery service

To make your life easier, As de Carreaux offers you a fast and reliable home delivery service. Whether you live in the city or in the countryside, our logistics partners will take care of getting your orders to your door as quickly as possible. This way, you can carry out your decorative projects without having to worry about transporting materials.

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Order samples before purchasing

To ensure that the chosen tiles perfectly meet your expectations and blend harmoniously into your interior, we also provide you with a sampling service. You can order samples before making your purchase in order to visualize the effect produced by our different models directly at home.

As de Carreaux: the reference online store for imitation cement kitchen tiles

At As de Carreaux, our passion is to put our expertise at the service of lovers of the retro-chic style represented by cement tiles. Our rigorous and varied selection will meet the aesthetic and practical requirements of amateur and professional decorators alike. Do not hesitate to browse our online catalog to discover our collections and give free rein to your imagination.