6 May 2024 By Jonathan

ERIS Motorized Bioclimatic Pergola: A Peerless Companion for Year-Round Spa Moments and Outdoor Gatherings

The ERIS pergola, an innovative solution to enjoy your outdoor spa all year round

Imagine yourself in a comfortable and elegant outdoor space, where you can relax in your jacuzzi spa while enjoying the benefits of natural ventilation and optimal protection against bad weather. This is what the ERIS motorized bioclimatic pergola offers you, specially designed to adapt to your needs and those of your family.

Effective protection against the sun and bad weather

With its generous dimensions (length: 4000mm, width: 3000mm, height: 2500mm), the ERIS pergola is ideal for covering an outdoor spa or creating a friendly space to meet up with friends or family. Its robust aluminum structure ensures excellent resistance to UV and bad weather, thus guaranteeing durable use in all seasons.

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One of the main assets of this pergola lies in its roof made up of two independent parts equipped with adjustable slats. You can therefore adjust their orientation according to your needs in order to obtain the desired sunshine or protect yourself from the wind or rain. In the closed position, the blades ensure a perfect seal to allow you to enjoy your spa with complete peace of mind, even in bad weather.

Blackout curtains to preserve your privacy

For even more comfort and privacy, the ERIS pergola can be equipped with blackout curtains which protect you from prying eyes while creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. These curtains are also very useful for limiting drafts and retaining heat inside the spa on cool or winter evenings.

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A friendly space with multiple functionalities

Natural ventilation and light intensity adjustment

Thanks to its innovative bioclimatic system, the ERIS pergola promotes natural ventilation which avoids condensation and maintains fresh air around the spa. You can thus fully enjoy the relaxing benefits of the jacuzzi without having to suffer the inconveniences linked to humidity or excessive heat.

This pergola also has integrated LED lighting, the intensity of which you can adjust according to your desires or the time of day. So, whether to create a subdued atmosphere during a romantic evening or to effectively illuminate your relaxation area during a meal with friends, you always have the right brightness.

Simple and intuitive use thanks to its motorization

The ERIS pergola is equipped with a motorization system which greatly facilitates its daily use. In fact, thanks to an ergonomic and intuitive remote control, you can open and close the roof slats with ease, without having to exert any manual effort. You save precious time and take full advantage of your outdoor space without constraints.

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A sleek design to fit harmoniously into your garden

Beyond its practical and innovative features, the ERIS motorized bioclimatic pergola also stands out for its refined and elegant design which fits perfectly into all exterior styles. Its sober and contemporary lines make this pergola a real aesthetic asset for your garden or terrace.

In summary, the ERIS pergola constitutes an ideal solution for creating a friendly space around your outdoor spa while benefiting from the advantages of optimal sun and rain protection. Thanks to its natural ventilation, its adjustable LED lighting, its practical motorization and its refined design, this bioclimatic pergola will allow you to fully enjoy pleasant moments with family or friends in all seasons.